SOLVED: How to view community information/details on new Reddit website?

Community Info on Reddit has disappeared after the redesign. This has caused frustration among the users, and many are trying to find it

According to some comments, each sub needs to build a sidebar to show this information:

Yes, each sub will need to, and are responsible for, building a new sidebar using the tools available in the redesign.
Since reddit is trying to move away from CSS, mods are expected to do as much as they can with the existing tools and reach out to the admins with things that aren’t available using those tools, in order to hopefully build something that will fill those specific use-cases outside of relying on CSS. At least, that’s my understanding on the matter.

Community info was previously available if we go to /about page of the sub, for example: However, if you try to go there from the desktop browser you’ll get the error “”

Sorry, this is a moderator-only pageYou must be a moderator of r/todoist to view this page

Community info was previously available if we go to /about page of the sub, for example: However, if you try to go there from the desktop browser you’ll get the error:

“Sorry, this is a moderator-only pageYou must be a moderator of r/todoist to view this page”

However, there is a solution, just follow these 4 simple steps.


Step 1: Open the subreddit and add /about to the URL

For example: let’s say you want to see Community info for

Then you need to go to:

Step 2: Open Chrome Developer tools

Step 3: Click “Toggle Deice toolbar” button

This will bring up the menu with various device emulation options

Step 4: Refresh the page and close developer tools

Done: you can now see the Community Info tab:

So, that is the workaround that I use. Do you know any other ways?

One simple step to prevent distractions: disable Outlook email notifications

Our daily life is filled with distractions: received a new instant message, boss just stopped by, urgent task appeared on our radar. And emails, emails keep arriving. Dealing with distractions may trick our brain into thinking that we are constantly doing something important, like solving problems, making some progress. However, distractions are the ultimate productivity killers. Whenever we need to switch to the different activity we need to go through the lengthy context switching process. And it takes time to go back to the previous activity.

Hardly any office job now can be done without use of an email. And most of email clients will gladly notify us that some email arrived using notifications on our computers. Those email notifications are yet another source of distractions. Personally I had a problem with those notifications: whenever I saw notification about new email I felt immediate urge to open Outlook and check what is the message is about. It was happening even for not important or not urgent emails. And then it took me 15 or more minutes to get back on track (“Ok, now, what the heck I was doing?”)

I solved this problem by simply turning off the email notifications. As a result I was able to stay more focused, get more things done and feel less stress.

How to disable email notifications in Outlook for Mac?

Step 1: Go to Outlook menu, then click Preferences

Step 2: Select “Notifications & Sounds”

Step 3: Uncheck “Display an alert on my desktop”

That is it! You will no longer be bugged by annoying alerts that were preventing you from getting the work done.

So when to read those emails?

In some sense software is controlling us with constant notifications: “ding” and we are rushing to check what’s new just happened. But things should be in reverse: software is our tools, not our masters.

Same with email. We should be deciding when to check new mail, reply, etc.

I found that few things work for me best:

  • I check emails only few times per day
  • In the morning I just glance through the emails to check whether there is something really urgent that I need to drop everything and do right now. Otherwise I don’t want to spend time reading/replying to the emails as it can easily sidetrack me from accomplishing whatever I planned to do that day.

Lets be honest here: how often do we get an email that we need to reply or act upon the very same minute that we received it? One email every year? So should we always be on the lookout for it and sacrifice our productivity and work-life balance? I’ve answered this question to myself: no.

Microsoft Flow’s Todoist connector is broken, no workaround available

Microsoft Flow is a free tool that can automate some routine operations, like automatically adding calendar events, forwarding emails, and so on. I have been using it for many years now, since it just launched. And Todoist connector is one of my most used building blocks.

Unfortunately it recently stopped working. Todoist developers deprecated legacy API and Microsoft didn’t update the connector in time. Now all the jobs are failing with this error:

Action 'Create_a_task' failed
Error Details: The response is not in a JSON format.

  "error": {
    "code": 410,
    "source": "",
    "clientRequestId": "fa463f14-500d-4ca2-8350-e4f4646ab93a",
    "message": "The response is not in a JSON format.",
    "innerError": "<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2 Final//EN\">\n<title>410 Gone</title>\n<h1>Gone</h1>\n<p>This API endpoint is no longer available. Please refer to our documentation to upgrade your client to use the latest API version:</p>\n"

Fix: no, ETA: no

There is no fix or a workaround that I am aware of. I have reported the issue here:

It was acknowledged, but there is no information whether the fix is in progress or when it should be deployed.

Do you use Microsoft Flow? What is your workflow setup? Please share it in comments.

Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome everyone to my blog! My name is Vitalii and I hope that you can find something useful here.

A few facts about me:

  • I am a software engineer working in one of the FAANG companies
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What you can find in this blog? Well, there is not going to be a single topic, but here are the few things that I have in mind:

  • Various tips and suggestions around technology, Internet and so on
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  • Many other topics that I’m struggling to predict now.

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Why is this blog called Lifelong Freshman?

The answer is simple: there are so many interesting & exciting things to learn and try that I believe that learning process will never end. The more I live them more I realize how much stuff I’d like to try to accomplish and experience.

So do I know it all? Hell no. I am figuring stuff out as I go and have many more things to learn. In fact, quite often I come up with ideas for the blog posts after I just learned how to do or improve something. But I believe that this information can be useful for others.